Add Blank Page. Type Kami in the window. Click Classroom. To do this they must: Go to For schools, admins can deploy the extension to all student accounts from the Google Admin panel to ensure that all students have it. Click ‘Open from Computer’. It supports many file types such as .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .docx, .pptx, etc. Students must install the Kami Chrome Extension into their Google Chrome Browser. New users can find detailed instructions on installation, basic set up, navigation and onboarding students, while more seasoned Kami fans can update their knowledge of tools and get some tips for using Kami across the curriculum. Install the Kami Screen Capture tool extension here. Click Add extension. Our comprehensive Kami user’s handbook is designed for everyone and anyone who loves using the Kami app in their classroom. Locate the document and double click to open it. You can draw, write, comment, and much more with Kami on your documents. Click on Chrome Apps. The extension should be installed on the teachers as well as all the students’ systems for everyone to able to use it. For students to use Kami they need to: Install the Kami extension on to their device. Use the tools on the left to mark up your text. Using Kami's Google Classroom Integration To Push Assignments Out To Your Students [UPGRADED] A walkthrough of how to create a Kami assignment in Google Classroom and have your students turn their work back in for grading. Features Of Kami Extension. Click Web Store. 2. The kami extension is quite a useful productive app extension that can be used for collaboration. Create a Kami account or use ‘Sign in with Google’ if you have a Google account. 1. 4. Using the Chrome browser, open a new tab for Google. Written by Aden Cooper Updated over a week ago It is free for Students and Teachers. Circle important works. Installing the Kami extension. 1. Adding And Using the Kami Extension to Write on PDF’s Online Adding Kami Open your Chrome Browser and search for “Kami Extension” using the Google search engine, or access the link to the right with this document open in Chrome. Doubleclick the file. Link to their teacher’s Kami license. 6. Click OPEN FROM GOOGLE DRIVE. Kami is a digital classroom app that you can use to annotate, markup, and collaborate on PDF or Word documents. Teachers can start with a New Blank Page or add a new page for an infinite canvas. 3. Click Search the store window. In this video, I’m going to show you how you and your students can use the totally free version in order to complete worksheets and other resources you already have. It’ll basically allow you to share your worksheets with students and they can write their answers straight on the documents without having to print them. Open the document you want to digitally annotate and download it. To use Kami in Google Classroom, you need to install the Kami Chrome extension. How to add the Kami extension in Chrome for your personal device (District issued laptops already have the extension installed for students) In order for students to access work that was created with Kami from their personal devices, Chrome needs to be the browser with the Kami extension installed.. Sign in to Kami using their school Google account. Click Sign in with Google. Whether in a meeting at workspace or assignment at college/school. Click the Kami shortcut in your pinned extension bar. 5. Click + Add to Chrome. Kami is a Google Chrome extension that offers digital tools that students can use to annotate a PDF. Doubleclick classroom folder. Where to find it: Comment Tool has a comment icon, located above the Text Box. Using Kami to annotate.