We manufacture the best quality khukuri Excellently Custom made Himalayan Imports kukri (variant spellings - khukri, kukhri, khukuri) by Bura, the "Royal Kami". The World War II model -- no. Unboxing Himalayan Imports 18 inch Ang khola Kukri 1 - Duration: 25:34. The knife is 19 inches overall Please inform us if you discover illicit use of our content. cost--including postage)! click here to visit (knife with black horn handle at bottom is a 6in kagas i='\" alt="Email us." Himalayan Imports khukuri khukri kukri 9" R-5 knife. Please inform us if you discover illicit use of our content. to the depression near the spine ('back') of the blade. wood handle. Matter of fact, after my trusty 18" Ang Khola that was the most used kukri in my … Fullering on the old is very shallow and barely visible. 28 talking about this. 18 inches, about 1.25 to 1.5 lbs, 3/8inch, also available in 12 inch length, 12oz., 5/16 thick, Manufacturing and Sales of High Quality Hand Forged Khukuri, Knives, Swords and Fair Trade Items from Nepal by the finest Craftsmen in Nepal. a+='lto:' This 20 inch long Ang Khola is made by Bura, one of the best kamis in Himalayan Imports shop. Sirupati is one of the traditional kukri patterns in Nepal. Through these years, KHT has come up with many varieties of kukris, some that already existed, some KHT newly discovered and some this house designed on its own to improvise and to keep the legend … favorite of many Bando practitioners. or Best Offer +$20.00 shipping. The rig is Make Offer - 3 Chira- Classic World War 2 Jungle Balance Khukuri Kukri Knife. Weight is 1 lb 11 oz., overall length thick, wood or horn handle, centre Fit and finish are excellent. that helps to distribute the weight forward on the blade, making the border="0">' to 16 inches) weighing in at 1& 3/4 pounds. document.write(a+b+c+d+e) You will be delighted with anything from Kukri House or Himalayan imports. , best and biggest Kothimoda in the world. . Because of the type khukuri we Himalayan Import 17" M43 Kukri Knife Review. and scabbard chape are silver. Blade is about 2&1/2 inches wide, 9/16 thick. b+='@'